How To Create An Image Gallery For A Website

This post will tell you how to create an image gallery for your website within two minutes.

Create a Account

First head over to and create an account.

Create A Gallery

Click on the "Create a gallery component" button and define a name for your first gallery.

Upload the images

Afterwards you will be redirected to the gallery editor. Click on the "edit gallery content" button and upload all the images you want to appear in the gallery.

Enter the captions and links

After you upload the images. You can define the caption, link and link label for each image.

Apply the settings to the gallery

When you open the settings section, you can define the gallery title and change various properties like the color and the sizes.

Retrieve the embed code

Click the "embed" button and copy the code snippet code displayed within the overlay.

Embed the gallery on your website

Insert the copied code somewhere on your homepage where you want the gallery to appear.