Slack vs. Microsoft Teams: A Comprehensive Comparison for Best Collaboration Tools in 2023

Jul 18, 2023, 12:20 AM

Teams vs slack

In the world of digital collaboration tools, Slack and Microsoft Teams have dominated the scene, offering dynamic solutions for team communication and project management. However, choosing between the two can be challenging. Here, we'll deep dive into the comparison of Slack versus Microsoft Teams to help you decide the best collaboration tool for your needs in 2023.

User Interface

Both Slack and Teams offer intuitive interfaces with unique strengths. Slack's design is more relaxed and casual, with custom emojis and themes, making it a hit among smaller, less formal teams. Microsoft Teams, on the other hand, has a more corporate feel, closely mirroring other Microsoft Office products, which makes it a familiar environment for existing Office users.


Slack offers more than 2000 app integrations, including Google Drive, Trello, and Salesforce, which can help streamline work. Microsoft Teams, while offering fewer integrations, excels in seamless integration with Office 365 tools like Word, Excel, and SharePoint, providing a unified workspace for Microsoft-centric organizations.


Both platforms offer chat, call, and video conferencing capabilities. However, Microsoft Teams provides more advanced video conferencing features such as background blur, meeting recording, and real-time captions, giving it an edge for teams heavily reliant on video meetings.

File Sharing and Collaboration

Slack allows file sharing, but collaboration on documents requires navigating to the original app. In contrast, Teams enables in-app collaboration on Microsoft Office documents, allowing teams to co-author and edit files in real-time, enhancing productivity.


Both platforms prioritize security, offering features like two-factor authentication and data encryption. However, Teams, as a part of the Microsoft 365 suite, conforms to more than 40 industry standards and regulations, which may be an important consideration for organizations in regulated industries.


As of 2023, Slack offers a free plan with limited features, while its standard plan starts at $6.67 per user per month. Microsoft Teams doesn't have a free standalone plan but is included in the Microsoft 365 Business Basic plan that starts at $5 per user per month.

Ultimately, the choice between Slack and Microsoft Teams depends on your team's needs, the tools you already use, and your budget. If you're a small team that values a casual workspace with a wide range of app integrations, Slack may be your best bet. If you're an enterprise already using or planning to use Microsoft 365 tools, Microsoft Teams may offer a more integrated and streamlined experience.